These conditions relate exclusively for consumers

Terms and Conditions


The present terms of sale are concluded by, on the one hand, the company sprl LES BONS CAFES DELAHAUT with registered offices at BELGIQUE, 5000 NAMUR, rue de l’Ange 21, registered under VAT number 0418.920.135, hereinafter referred to as « LES CAFES DELAHAUT » and, on the other hand, persons wishing to place an order via the website, hereinafter referred to as "the user".

These conditions relate exclusively to consumers.

Users wishing to purchase on this site, declare to have full legal capacity.

Anyone incapacitated particular under Articles 1123 and following of the Civil Code, can in no way purchase on the site.

Visiting the site and the services it offers are then the responsibility of the legal representative. The legal representative is required to comply with these stipulations.

In any event, during the transmission of personal data, the legal representative must complete the registration form himself or expressly authorize the person he represents to fill the very form, the provisions relating to personal data found obviously application.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by this contract to the exclusion of all other conditions.

If a condition is found to be lacking, it will be governed by the procedures in force in the area of ​​distance selling in accordance with Belgian law.

Article 1 – Object

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by these Terms and Conditions, which apply to online sales.

These conditions aim to define the terms of sale between LES CAFES DELAHAUT and the user, from order to service, through payment and delivery.

They cover all the necessary steps for placing the order and tracking of this order between the contracting parties.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by this contract, excluding any condition previously available on the site.

Article 2 – Orders

The user has the option to place an order online from the reference site.

The order can only be registered on the site if the user is clearly identified.

Any order implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as well as the prices and descriptions of goods sold.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT undertake to fulfill orders received on the website only within the limits of available stocks of products.

If the item is sold out, LES CAFES DELAHAUT may be required to deliver to the user a similar item of equivalent or superior characteristics and an equivalent price.

Within 24 hours after placing the order, LES CAFES DELAHAUT will send the user a confirmation email to the email which has been pointed out to him address.

Article 3 – Saving of personal data

Any natural or legal person who registers during a visit the website as potential contracting party, communicates his personal record data.

Registration involves the explicit consent that these credentials can be treated in the data file of LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Only natural or legal persons with full legal capacity to act and can register.

During the registration process, the natural or legal person receives a user ID and choose a password that is validated by LES CAFES DELAHAUT and this information is confirmed by sending an e-mail summary by LES CAFES DELAHAUT, to the user.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality, security and its actual login and password use

The use of the username and password of a user is supposed to have been done by this user.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT may make it impossible to use the username and password temporarily or permanently , if it appears that the user ignores one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The responsible for the processing of personal data of the user is: LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

The processing of personal data in the data file of LES CAFES DELAHAUT place for the customer administration , management of orders, deliveries , billing material and immaterial services , monitoring solvency , advertising through the profile , the custom processing and marketing.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT reserve the right to collect data about the user, especially when it is an order or through the use of cookies.

All personal data is intended for internal use of LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Accordance with the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data , you have at any time the right of access and rectification of these data and the right to object if you no longer wish to be informed of our activities.

To do this, write to LES CAFES DELAHAUT via the email address

Additional information regarding the protection of privacy in the electronic processing can be obtained from the Public Registry (Commission de la protection de la vie privée, rue Haute 139 , 1000 BRUSSELS).

Article 4 – Delivery

The user has the choice to be delivered:

  • either at home or at another person,
  • either at point of sale LES CAFES DELAHAUT located at 5000 NAMUR, Rue de l’Ange 21.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT undertake to make deliveries of ordered items as soon as possible.

The average time observed for the available items is 7 days.

For withdrawals packages at exploitation place (rue de l’Ange), a valid identification document is required. Otherwise, the products ordered may not be delivered.

Delivery problems (missing item or damaged) must be reported to us within 48 hours on 00.32 / 81/221.158.

The corresponding returned item must be received within 15 days after receipt by requesting an exchange or refund.

A flat fee of € 10 is requested for the costs of processing and shipping your parcel in BELGIUM, it remains payable even in case of total or partial return of the order.

BELGIUM deliveries are however free from order with a minimum purchase of € 75 incl vat.

For all orders outside BELGIUM, shipping will be charged up to 10 € in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany, 18 € and 19 € in Denmark in Great Britain.

Article 5 – Price, Payment Terms

All prices are quoted in euros.

The price indicated on the product description does not include shipping.

Price includes VAT (where applicable). Sales without VAT to non-taxable persons are possible only insofar as the documents are produced in advance.

During the validation of the order, you choose one of the following payment methods (all are fully secured): the server is encrypted mode and all information transmitted is encrypted. Nothing transmitted clear on our website.

1° By credit card :

You enter your card number Visa or MasterCard, control number and expiration date.

The withdrawal takes place after the billing of your articles, as agreed with your bank.

2° By bank transfer

Account: 001-7079275-97
IBAN: BE54 0017 0792 7597

Article 6 – Security of electronic funds transfer

The transaction procedures on the site operate with the secure payment service provider Ogone.

This service ensures that sensitive data is transmitted and stored according to a standard of quality security higher.

Operating Mode :

a) The user connects to the Internet site, selects items he places in his shopping cart and expresses its willingness to place the order.

b) The user, after registration, in his delivery address and billing. The total amount of the order and shipping it indicated.

c) After receiving a complete summary of the order, the user confirms its determination to move to the payment stage.

d) The user is redirected transparently to the site of the payment service where it enters its payment settings (method of payment, home banking, credit card number ...).

e) Payment is required to the financial institution concerned.

f) The user receives the result of the transaction that can print and keep as proof authentic.

g) LES CAFES DELAHAUT perform the treatment after automated sales and send the package to the user.

All transaction costs are borne by LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Article 7 – Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to notify LES CAFES DELAHAUT that he renounces the purchase without paying a penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 working days from the day of delivery of the order.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT will result in renunciation by the buyer if the original product packaging is intact, especially if sealed and the product itself have not been used or damaged.

The user notification must take place by e-mail. The cost of returning the package are always charged to the user.

It will ask the client to protect with the utmost care items returned.

For a faster, when the user returns an item, LES CAFES DELAHAUT offer to refund you by transfer to your bank account.

To benefit from this service, simply enter your bank account number on the packing slip that accompanies the returned items.

We will make the transfer as soon as possible (maximum 30 days).

In case of abusive return, LES CAFES DELAHAUT reserve the right to refuse a further order.

Article 8 – Responsibility

LES CAFES DELAHAUT did for all stages of access to the site, the ordering process, delivery of subsequent services, an obligation of means.

Responsibility of LES CAFES DELAHAUT can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses or any other incident of force majeure in accordance with the Law.

Products are sent by regular postal service or carrier.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT They assume no responsibility for any delivery due to excessive postal services or transport as well as for loss of the goods ordered or strikes.

Transport risks are borne by the user who will submit requests for use with the postal services or the carrier.

Furthermore, it is stated that the ownership of the products ordered will be transferred to the user that a total payment of the invoice price including the cost of processing the payment.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT can not be held liable for damages of any tangible or intangible material as kind that may result from a malfunction or improper use of products sold.

It is the same for any changes resulting from product suppliers.

Responsibility of LES CAFES DELAHAUT is in any case limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all precautions taken in the presentation of products.

LES CAFES DELAHAUT will not be liable to customer or any third party for any indirect damage, any loss of business, profits or revenue arising in any manner whatsoever.

Most of our items sold are of the legal guarantee of conformity of the legal warranty against hidden defects and warranty-builder whose scope and duration differ between products and brands.

Whatever the problem with your product, you must attach with the defective product, a copy of the invoice, the guarantee thereof (on the box) and the return voucher

Please note that the warranty does not apply to compensation for damage resulting from a cause external to the appliance (accident, lightning, fuses, current fluctuation ...) or a fault of the user eg resulting from employment or not in accordance with the manufacturer installation, harmful to the good conservation of the device use, commercial use or collectively ...

If not consistent with the information given at the presentation of products on the website products, they will be replaced or refunded depending on the availability of similar products and the control of the user.

Are excluded from warranty: Products modified, repaired, built or added by the user or any other unauthorized person by the supplier.

The warranty will not apply to obvious defects and defects of the product for which any claim must be made by the user within 7 days of delivery of the products, under pain of forfeiture.

The warranty does not take over the products damaged during misuse.

In all cases, LES CAFES DELAHAUT can not be held responsible in case of refusal to apply the manufacturer warranty for the reasons set out above.

Article 9 - Intellectual Property

All elements of the site LES CAFES DELAHAUT, whether visual or audible,including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents and more generally, intellectual property.

They are the exclusive property of LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Information, logos, designs, trademarks, designs, slogans, templates and in a general way, ads and their content accessible through the Web site are protected by the law of intellectual property and / or industrial.

Unless expressly authorized for this purpose by LES CAFES DELAHAUT and / or the third party, the user is not authorized to modify, reproduce, rent, loan, sell, distribute, create derivative works based in whole or in part on the elements present on the website.

It is therefore prohibited to copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, disassemble or any other attempt to discover the source code, sell, assign, sublicense or transfer in any manner whatsoever any rights to the website and its content.

The user is expressly referred to the national provisions on the protection of databases and computer programs, and more particularly, the laws of: August 31, 1998 on the legal protection of databases and 30 June 1984 on the legal protection of computer programs.

The user who has a personal website and wishes to place, for personal use, on its website a link pointing directly to the Home Page of the site LES CAFES DELAHAUT, must request permission to LES CAFES DELAHAUT. It would not be in this case, an implicit affiliation agreement.

However, on any hypertext link to the Site of LES CAFES DELAHAUT and using the technique of framing or lining, is prohibited

In all cases, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed at the request of LES CAFES DELAHAUT. They are the exclusive property of LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Article 10 – Invalidity

In the event that one of the clauses of the present contract becomes null and void due to a change in legislation, rules or a court ruling, this shall in no case affect the validity of and respect for the present terms and conditions of sale.

Article 11 – Duration

The present terms apply during the entire duration of services being offered online by LES CAFES DELAHAUT.

Article 12 – Proof, storing and archiving of transactions

The computerised registers held in the IT systems of LES CAFES DELAHAUT and his parters website shall, in reasonable security conditions, be considered to be proof of the communications, orders and payments taking place between the parties.

The archiving of purchase orders and invoices takes place on a reliable and permanent media in order to produce a reliable and permanent copy.

Article 13 – Divers

Items sold by LES CAFES DELAHAUT conform to the description and presentation data in the catalog and / or on the site.

Despite all our efforts, errors may have crept in this catalog and on the website. In no case we could not be engaged thereby.

Except in cases of contrary contractual or statutory provisions, all operations between LES CAFES DELAHAUT and user uncontested within one month after delivery, can not give rise to claim.

Article 14 – Law applicable and competence

The present terms are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, Belgian law is applicable and only the courts of the circuit of Namur are competent.